Working with Wrought Iron


make or shape (a metal object) by heating it in a fire or furnace and hammering it.

The dictionaries definition of forging is a little simplistic and ignores the artistry of working with metal in the heat of a forge. The Blacksmith of Lindfield takes the act of forging heated metal to an altogether higher level, creating wrought iron artwork for the most mundane of tasks.

Wrought Iron Scrolls



Scrolls are the bread and butter of the blacksmiths art and frequently define the quality of the finished product. The Blacksmith of Lindfield forges all of his own scrolls to ensure that the quality of metal used and the appearance of the end product matches his demand for excellence.

Complicated scrolling and fluting are a trademark of the Blacksmith of Lindfield, bringing to life the dark metal and adding decoration to the durability of forged items.



Wrought Iron Decorative Leaf



While scrolls are always part of the blacksmiths arsenal, the finishing touches within the scroll or wrought work are what makes the Blacksmith of Lindfields work stand out.

One area where the Blacksmith of Lindfield excels is the creation and incorporation of decorative leaves into the general wrought iron work. These fine decorations lift the rugged wrought iron into a different decorative world, where intertwined leaves and vines really make objects that stand out.

The care and dedication needed to make items like leaves look natural and yet stand out as individual works of art, is something the Blacksmith of Lindfield is a past master of, making each wrought iron work a masterpiece of functionality, durability and artistry.

Wrought Iron Wine Bottle Holder



Although large objects like wrought iron gates and fences make up the greater part of the blacksmiths work, the Lindford Blacksmith uses his skill to create other fascinating objects, like wrought iron wine racks, book end, lamps and many other objects.

One commission involved creating and installing a vast multi-tiered wine rack in the cellar of a large house, bringing together the fine artistry and rugged finish to provide a secure store for fine wines.

Smaller commissions have included individual wine bottle holders as table centrepieces and book end for a rustic kitchen.

The Blacksmith of Lindfield is happy to undertake all commissions, from the smallest object intended to act as a centrepiece to your dining table, to the largest gate or railings for the perimeter of your property.

Working with Other Metals



Adding copper flower petals to a wrought iron gate takes a mundane object to a work of artistry, lifting something simple to become a focal point that grabs the attention and attracts the eye.

The Blacksmith of Lindfield frequently uses copper as a metal that complements the darker colour of the wrought iron work and as it tarnishes over the years, lends that subtle aging that looks so attractive.

Decorative features like these copper flowers and petals are the trademark of the Blacksmith of Lindfield and make his work standout beyond all others.


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